Contact Tracing App for your business

Eziid contact tracing records vistors for COVID-19 compliance.

Set up a free check-in portal page with QR code support for your patrons to fill in when entering your venue.

Eziid is an APP built to help Australian’s send Covid-19 packing. We’re working together with businesses to make sure we provide the easiest way to implement solutions for running a safe business and amplifying your sales and your compliance to avoid fines. 

We’ve had a groundswell of people helping us make sure customers, guests and visitors can have a seamless experience as they try and return to as much of a normal life as they can.

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Set up in a couple of minutes and it’s FREE!

Register your Business
Customer scans the provided QR code to download the app
Safe customer check-in on the app
Managed data is encrypted with maximum security

Easy-to-use COVID-19 Record Keeping

Track your customers that enter your venue easily with an online portal. Keep daily records of customer names and contact details as required by state governments. View and export customer records via your own administrator dashboard.

QR Code Support

As recommended by governments, we provide you with a printable QR code that your customers can scan to check in using their own mobile or tablet device. No more shared opens and paper or tablets.

Export in One-Click

Some governments are now requiring exported customer lists to be uploaded each 24hrs. Using Brisk COVID-19 Checkin you can easily export your daily customer records in one click in an uploadable format.

Record keeping made easy

Record and store customer records securely with our portal. Replace the pen and paper and go digital.

Contact Tracing Features

Create an online check-in form that pushes customer details into our secure database.

Choose which details to require and store:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email Address
  • Physical Address
  • Venue / Location
  • Estimated Duration
  • Comments
  • View customer records in your admin dashboard
  • Export records as CSV for upload to government services as required
  • Printable QR code for customers to scan and check-in on their own devices
  • Works on all devices and operating systems

Create Your Contact Tracking Portal

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